Proximities Archive

Proximities Archive is a place where strange things live. This site represents my engagements with and documentations of ecological and industrial precarity, hazard, and toxicity. These places impinge upon human and nonhuman capacities. I am particularly invested in affect, place, and power as disorientations and our queer investments in the vital remainders of daily life. For this project, I visit former towns, industrial sites of extraction capital, bodies of water, shorelines, quarries, mines, and homes. I am interested in how events and their so-called aftermaths rub up against each other in strange ways. The remains of these events are shiny, opaque, fragile, noxious, chemical, plastic, glass, mineral, salt, rotting, living, sharp, banal, alluring, pungent, bright, smooth, and coarse. I record sounds and images. I listen. I look. I go without an agenda — more or less. Human and nonhuman forces entangle in unexpected, queer ways.

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